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fender beading

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Please limit five images per ad. A good mix is best, a 3/4 shot from the drivers side front, a 3/4 shot of the passenger side rear, an interior shot, a shot under front hood, and one of the engine. Please list any major work recently done [ie: engine or transmission replacement]. Tune-up's, brake jobs, or new tires are not considered "major work." Also please disclose any significant issues [ie: rust or loud knocking sounds].

We recommend that you shoot as many pictures as you can in a well lit area. Please show details of any problems. You can supply all these images to any of the potential buyers so they know what they are getting into [both good and bad] before going much further.


Again, limit the photos to five per ad. List years the parts fit, part number if you have it, condition of the part [ie: the windshield wiper motor works], contact info and price.

Last but not least please provide contact info [e-mail address and or phone number] and most importantly, how much you want for the car.

fender beading

Postby greasemonkey » Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:26 pm

Does anyone local to massapequa have any fender beading. Need enough for 2 fenders. Painting car on Wednesday and figured I would try to source local before I place order.
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Re: fender beading

Postby Raj » Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:55 am

Hi Adam.
Glad to see it coming along. I think you need Thing fender beading, but if std bug will work, I think I have a few rolls. Will check in the next day or so.
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