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74-76 Westy Stool $75 obo

The place to list your NOS, OEM, and good used spare parts for sale.
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Please limit five images per ad. A good mix is best, a 3/4 shot from the drivers side front, a 3/4 shot of the passenger side rear, an interior shot, a shot under front hood, and one of the engine. Please list any major work recently done [ie: engine or transmission replacement]. Tune-up's, brake jobs, or new tires are not considered "major work." Also please disclose any significant issues [ie: rust or loud knocking sounds].

We recommend that you shoot as many pictures as you can in a well lit area. Please show details of any problems. You can supply all these images to any of the potential buyers so they know what they are getting into [both good and bad] before going much further.


Again, limit the photos to five per ad. List years the parts fit, part number if you have it, condition of the part [ie: the windshield wiper motor works], contact info and price.

Last but not least please provide contact info [e-mail address and or phone number] and most importantly, how much you want for the car.

74-76 Westy Stool $75 obo

Postby ObnoxiousBlue » Sun May 28, 2017 10:36 pm

Picked up a stool for my bus last season. It's in great shape and has its straps and numbers still with it. It was blue, but was recovered in safe green to match my bus. Problem is it is too short for my 77 seats. It is about 2" shorter at the leading edges. For someone who wants a nice stool that is complete and useable - this is it. For someone who cares when their accessories match the vehicle this might not be it.
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